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Pauline’s varied and colourful career enhances her ability to relate to a wide variety of people and workplace roles.

It's great being the boss......
when it's going well!

— Pauline Sanderson

London Barrister – 6 years

Six years working as a barrister in London were immensely enjoyable. Pauline worked with Customs and Excise in the VAT Tribunals. This has given her invaluable experience in personal preparation and presentation skills. However, the team was always right there behind her and although her role was often perceived as ‘individual’, it was the team that made the system work so well. Pauline was also responsible for the first ever Christmas Review. This consisted of a team of lawyers writing and performing sketches, as well as song and dance routines for the whole office. They are still talking about it!

Pauline went on a team building week and was so inspired by the outdoors and the positive results that came with the experience; she decided to have a career change.


It took one year of living, training and working in Wales for Pauline to become an outdoor instructor. It was a fabulous year and ended with the decision to take it one step further and spend the last of her savings going to Nepal to see if she could become an expedition leader for tour companies.


After 2 months of climbing mountains and kayaking the rivers in Nepal, Pauline was lucky enough to meet Gerry Moffat and Mahendra Thapa of Equator Expeditions. They ran a rafting company and after some discussion Pauline agreed to come back and join their office team in Kathmandu. At the end of that season, sales were so good they invited her to become a director of the company. Things developed and the next season saw the company expand to trekking, mountaineering and travel. Within one year the company had tripled turnover. The success of the partnership continued for four years. Pauline lived and worked with Mahendra and his family and learnt a great deal, about managing people and customers. She experienced the peaks and troughs of running a business and a team with different nationalities and cultures. She learnt lessons and had experiences that will stay with her for the rest of her life. It is great being the boss…………..when it is going well!

After four years, love and marriage brought Pauline back to the UK, where she worked with a team building company in the Lake District.

she learnt lessons and had experiences that will stay with her for the rest of her life.



Catalyst is a superb team building company that delivers their inspirational events all over the world. Pauline joined the sales team and would often get involved in the delivery of the events too. A passion for management development saw her and other members of the team develop this arm of the business. She was involved in developing and creating one day and multi-day programmes for teams. This means that Pauline is more than able to relate and understand the many issues teams need to address. This will be apparent with the many analogies that can be drawn from her presentation to real life situations.

MARKETING - 5 years

Pauline worked for 5 years at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre. During that time, she organised events, co-ordinated the brochure and website and created a marketing strategy that successfully nearly doubled the turnover. It was a superb environment to work in and allowed her to develop yet another area of expertise adding to her appeal of the broad spectrum of audience she will meet while presenting.


Pauline is working with SkyRocket Wellness as part of the team offering workshops to make life and work a healthier place. Pauline has created a half day Positive Mindset Workshop to help people grow an awareness of how they can take on the challenges of everyday life, work and play while exploring their potential.

When she is not motivating and inspiring delegates all around Europe, she is off with her husband having adventures in the hills and cafes of the World!

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