BUY A BOOK FOR CHARITY: £7 per book or 2 for £12 (includes postage)


I have sold over 2000 books! Yes they have paid for themselves. JK Rowling may not find that exciting but I really am delighted. I wrote this book to share an unbelievably positive story about a journey through the Middle East and Asia. it proves that human nature is overwhelmingly good and should not be judged by countries politics or religious leaders. Since when do they represent their country?! People are wonderful. We experienced that throughout our journey through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Rarely a day went by when we were not uplifted by unconditional generosity, kindness and humour. I love our world and that is why I wrote this book. Let’s celebrate the good and the great.

So, now seems a good time to donate a few hundred books to causes close to my heart, environment, education and  welfare.

I am part of a team that started In Your Hands (IYH) Charity  for 5 school communities in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015. Please visit the website to see what has been achieved with our partners and experts. We are thrilled.

To buy a book where all the profit goes to IYH Charity, please visit the on-line shop hosted by the wonderful and generous team at:   They   have created and hosted the IYH website from the beginning.

Here are some reviews of the book to help you decide if it would make a good present for somebody you know ….or YOU!


I have also worked with The Lake District Foundation (LDF) in Kendal. This charity is there to support projects that, protect, help and develop the environment, landscape, wildlife and culture of Cumbria and The Lake District. What’s not to love? To buy a book where 100% of the profits go to LDF, please visit their on-line shop at



COST: £7 per book or £12 for 2 to include P&P. If you want to add £3/£5 to cover P&P, that will be added to the charity donation.

If you want to buy more than one book postage will vary. Please call and ask for a discounted postage price for multiple books.


If you have managed to read this far, thank you. If you buy a book, thank you. If you buy several…YOU ARE THE BEST!

I know 2020 has been tricky but we need to count our blessings and if in short supply, look harder. There is always good somewhere in this world. Take care and Merry Christmas.


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