Saying Goodbye!


Pauline's last lead at Smiths

Pauline’s last lead at Smiths

Mixed emotions about our last week. Excited about going home, ecstatic that our 12 months here over the last 2 years has been beyond brilliant but sad to say goodbye.

Our last ride from Sisters

Our last ride from Sisters

We made our way back from Canada but stopped off Leavenworth to break the journey and Smith’s Rock area as that is where our journey started properly 2 years ago. We managed to get a few climbs and bike rides in before making our way back to the true start of our journey….TINA!

Tina and I started our relationship through the internet when we bought Yogi and our camper from her company (SUMMIT RV). Both of us hoped that the other really existed as I had handed over thousands of pounds without having met her in the hope she would have a truck and camper for us when we flew in. Well, talk about over delivery! She picked us up from the airport and welcomed us into her home for the next two years. When we arrived on Friday night, it felt like we were coming home to old friends.

True to form, Tina had arranged some entertainment with her gang whom we have now met on a couple of occasions and are just great! They are just a bunch for fun loving welcoming people who love fishing, diving …………and beer! Tina had arranged the ultimate fun combination as far as we were concerned – a micro brewery crawl on a communal bike for 12 people!!! Awesome dude!!! All of us pedal and our guide steers us to about 8 different pubs where we have time to have a drink before ringing the bell on the bike and making lots of noise to make sure everybody knew we were going/coming/arriving. It was just a brilliant night and everybody was on top form…including all the strangers we called and sang to in the street as we passed by. We need to bring this to the UK!! Tina and Vito have a great bunch of friends.

The Bike & Beer Transport. FANTASTIC!

The perfect booze cruise transport!


The Girls before the Beer & Bike tour

The Girls before the Beer & Bike tour

Close up of our pedal bar

Close up of our pedal bar

The weekend was not over there as we were treated to a trip to the coast with Tina and Vito in Vito’s HUGE truck which is a treat in itself. The Oregon coast is famous for its rugged beauty and we got to see it first hand. We nearly went salmon fishing as Vito is a bit of a guru in this department but conditions took that option away but it meant we had more time for more eating and drinking which seemed to suit us just great especially as Vito and the gang have caught a freezer full of stunning fish and they know how to cook it – wow did we eat well !

Thr 'fab 4' on the coast


I think Tina & Vito were the icing on the cake to an amazing experience. Our mission is to convince them to visit us in the UK so we can hopefully get to see them again before too long and return their wonderful hospitality.

Tina & Vito having a 'sunset moment'

Vito & Tina having a ‘sunset moment’ at home

Tina & Pauline having a 'girlie:wine' moment. Girlfriends rock!

Tina & Pauline having a ‘girlie:wine’ moment. Girlfriends rock!


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