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Has a member of Team SKY gone AWOL in Canada?

Has a member of Team SKY gone AWOL in Canada?

We have had heat waves of upper 30’s followed by thunder storms with hail and a down pour. As we know, there is no such thing as bad weather….only bad gear. Despite that, we have managed to play every day as no weather condition seems to last too long….apart from the heat which saw us suffer a bit. Like anybody cares that we have suffered….we know!

Revelstoke campsite

Revelstoke campsite

Our stay in Revelstoke was en route to Banff and the Rockies along the Trans Canadian Highway  (TCH). Great stop off as the swimming, climbing and biking were great. Having a constant source of cold water to swim in was the best! We even did a couple of climbs that were virtually in the lake. You need to abseil down to the base of the climb from the top of the cliff and somebody has very kindly put a wooden ledge a couple of feet above the water as a platform to belay from. So the climbing was stunning both lake side and in the woods.

Phil at the base of Gilligan Islands' climb

Phil at the base of Gilligan Islands’ climb

The biking one night was your perfect Canadian scene with snow capped mountains, a lake and Alpine glow sunset. It also acted as a perfect recce for one of our camps. Did I mention the beer and crisps are becoming a necessary part of our evening, post exercise routine? Our other ride up Mt Revelstoke was great because it was in a Park area and closed to traffic after 6pm so we had it to oursleves. The down side was it was 27km uphill through the forests. Great downhill though!

Phil at the base of Gilligan Islands' climb

A Revelstoke ride

Phil enjoying our post excercise routine

Phil enjoying our post exercise supplements

Next stop Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. We managed to find  camp next to  a herd of elk with at least 8 calves. They seemed very curious and hung out with us for most of the evening. The kids kicked off as we were going to sleep and their whining, which sounded like a squeaking door on steriods was comical……well for the first 20 mins then I just wanted to get them to have some Benidol. Lat week we fell to sleep to a pack of wolves that were either having a night out at karaoke or a big argument. What a great way to go to sleep, as long as you felt safe in a tin van.

our neighbours for the night...elk

our neighbours for the night…elk

The wild life continued with a close up sighting of a grizzly bear on one of our bike rides on Tunnel Mountain in Banff area and of course deer, goats and the ever ready chipmunks are everywhere. The bear was obviously my favourite and I stopped for 5 mins just to watch him…at a distance.

Bear from a they run fast?

Bear from a bike….do they run fast?

chipmonk - too cute to ignore

chipmunk – too cute to ignore

These deer do all this unroped!

These goats do all this unroped!

Who named this Lake?

Who named this Lake?


We did a great ride to Moraine Lake in Lake Louise and went climbing too. Both were absolutely stunning due to the colour and clarity of the water and the mountain backdrop.

Lake Louise walk-in to the crags

Morraine Lake

Compulsory lovey dovey photo at Morraine Lake

Compulsory lovey dovey photo at Morraine Lake

The climbing was by far the most pumpy so far so just as well it came at this stage in our trip but on great rock! Loved it!! I should just call Phil Popey.

Climbers on a neighbouring route in Lake Louise

Climbers on a neighbouring route in Lake Louise

Lake Louise - stunning

Lake Louise – stunning

The thousands of people that go through this area each day is amazing ( funny ehough they don’e feature in our photos) but somehow it doesn’t feel crowded outside the allocated viewing spots where the masses congregate. It is wonderful that everybody from toddler to zimmer can get access to these amazing scenic areas and those who want to find remoteness can do that too.

Thats it for now folks!


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