Awesome 4some in Chile and Argentina

What a great trip! Pauline and Phil went to explore the road biking potential in Chile and Argentina for a month. They managed to talk two good friends ( aka masochists) into joining them, Lucy Noble and Craig Tweedie.

Just to get the big picture, Chile and Argentina are not third world countries so the road systems were expected to be pretty good…which they were. It was  the sections that joined the good roads that caused the interest. There are travel companies that already provide road biking packages but they have support vehicles to pick up and collect the guests and their bikes between sections. Pauline and her merry gang were on a self support trip carrying all they needed with them and going from one hostel to the next. This meant for interesting ‘road’ biking on the gravel and unbuilt sections of road between Chile and Argentina. They learnt new ‘off road skills’ and lost any natural inclination to be precious with their  road bikes as they negotiated rocks, ditches and pot holes for the 60km section through the Andes into Argentina.

However, where the roads were good…they were amazing! The views, the volcanos, the mountains, rivers and lakes were spectacular as they made their way from the Lake District in Chile to the equivalent in Argentina and back through the Andes via boat and bike into the islands of Chile via ferry and bike.

A successful and inspirational trip was experienced by all with over 1500 photos and lots of laughter. They are a team that love to enjoy local produce and so enjoyed a few bottles of local wine  and beer( in each area) , ice cream and chocolate in Bariloche and the best shell fish and traditional platter in Chiloe – the largest island in Chile.

Their main comment was how wonderfully welcoming the local people were. Everybody was helpful and had a smile and wave to greet them both young, old as they cycled through these wonderful countries. People maketh the journey.



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